Join the LWAC team

April 2nd through April 4th

We will once again be holding our charity event to coincide with the start of Season 23 in Diablo 3.

This event will benefit

Save The Children.

Helpful Tips:

  • Click support campaign on the Tiltify campaign page.

  • Keep your goal reasonable and attainable  (you can always increase your goal throughout the event - but you cannot decrease it)

  • Don't forget to PUBLISH your campaign once created (this can be done under the campaign's dashboard)

  • Overlay information is located on your campaign's dashboard - simply create a browser source and input the url

  • To receive on screen notifications for donations -enable Tiltify integration in your Streamlabs dashboard (under integrations) and be sure that the correct campaign is set (returning streamers need to change the campaign to the most recent)

  • Once published, your campaign's donate URL (for linking on your Twitch page) can be found on the campaign's dashboard

  • It is very helpful if the Donate button is located at the top of your twitch panels on your twitch page and has the correct link for this campaign.  You can also add a mobile link as well to help those viewing on their mobile device

Twitch Donate Button Setup:

The next image is the main Donate button design for this event.

CLICK image & open link to get usable image!

LWAC- STC DONATEsmaller.png



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